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The Green Butcher delivers plant-powered meal solutions for the hospitality industry

Markwell Foods launches The Green Butcher – its latest range of quality and delicious plant-based range to support the evolving hospitality industry.

The Green Butcher is an 100% plant-powered alternative for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters. The range is made from delicious and nutritious plant-based ingredients, bursting with the flavours and textures you would expect from meat-based proteins. Vegan and vegetarian customer demand is increasing, which is placing pressure on already overwhelmed and understaffed kitchens for vegan menu options. For many, it may seem too costly, difficult, and time-consuming to offer a vegan-friendly menu item, However, the cost of not offering one may be even higher as the lack of vegan options can lead diners and their extended dining group to eat elsewhere.

The Green Butcher range is designed to help chefs create affordable, easy and quick vegan-friendly meals by replacing meat-based favourites with plant-based alternatives. Sub beef patties with their No Beef Burgers, or replace chicken in a wrap, with their No Chicken Schnitzel for a delicious and easy cabinet food option.

One plant-based protein can be used in various ways: The Green Butcher No Meat Ball can be wrapped in a pita, used as a canape or added to pasta. The Green Butcher products are also enjoyed by meat-eaters. The golden and crunch No Cheese & Spinach and No Cheese & Jalapeno Bites are menu must-haves.

If you would like to find out more about the range or to request a sample visit:

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