I CAN believe it’s not butter: Nominations open for NZ Dairy Free Awards

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Will it be Duck Island Strawberry and Lime ice cream, the Nut Brothers new chocolate flavoured peanut milk, the new vegan butter, Vutter or one of Raglan’s coconut yoghurts? The best of New Zealand’s dairy free foods are being decided in February.

The Vegan Society is announcing its third annual Dairy Free Awards to time with internationally celebrated “FebNoDairy”, with a number of dairy-free products up for pole position. Voting begins on 1st February and the Award winners will be announced at the end of the month. Meanwhile the Society is calling for submissions of favourite dairy-free (and vegan) products, seeking nominations from individuals and industry alike.

The awards are split into 4 categories, featuring vegan versions of Butter, Milk, Ice Cream and Yoghurt.

The dairy free market is open to everyone, including vegans, those with dairy allergies, flexitarians, vegetarians and others wishing to reduce their fat and cholesterol intake. They are keen to find delicious foods that they can pour on their cereal, in their tea or as a tasty cold treat. Supermarkets note that as the price of dairy increases, people are buying more plant-based alternatives, including dairy-free items. Oat milk in particular has seen a surge in consumer demand of 270%, with local companies now having their eye on Asian exports.

“The market for dairy-free alternatives continues to grow and the Vegan Society is recognising this with our People’s Choice Awards. This is an opportunity for New Zealand’s farmers to diversify and ensure that NZ grown plants can be used in all these great products. Oat milks and yoghurts are becoming particularly popular as people seek to reduce their cholesterol” said Claire Insley, media spokesperson, “these foods are better for your health and better for the environment and it is time they were given the opportunity to shine. Our Awards seek to do this and we are looking for your help to make it happen for your favourite dairy-free product,”

The Vegan Society is happy to receive nominations both from consumers and producers of dairy-free products. A reminder that, as with all the Society Awards, the competition gets bigger and more fierce every year. This year the Society is looking for companies to self-nominate their best selling products, so get the recommendations in! Product submissions can be made here with up to two suggestions in each category.

Voting takes place from 1st until 25th February, with the winners announced on 28th February 22.

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