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Supermarket bulk bins – where you head for specialty items, baking extras and lunchbox fillers – have been given a wellbeing-themed makeover.

New World’s newly launched CareFillery, is “a reimagined refillery experience designed to bring customers more mindful moments in the supermarket”.

We’re assuming they’re talking about customers who aren’t freaking out over the price of vegetables, don’t have a couple of kids hanging off the trolley, or anyone trying to make an express dash before the checkout queues get too long.

Launched in collaboration with long-term self-selection suppliers ProLife, the suppliers behind Alison’s Pantry, New World says the new CareFillery offers  customers ‘hubs’ to explore and enjoy.

“It’s an exciting change in shopping habits” says Prolife Foods self-selection marketing manager Aaron Begbie who has been working with Foodstuffs North Island to create the innovative new hubs to help draw people in. “Now choosing a good quality tea is about so much more than picking a box off the shelf, it’s a real sensory experience and we’re bringing that magical moment to a supermarket environment. Or if shoppers want to try a new flavour in their smoothie but aren’t sure what their next favourite is going to be-they can just select a small sample to try”, says Begbie.

The new look bins are curated with everything from pantry favourites to more innovative offerings, including the opportunity to hand select teas in the new tea lounge and build personalised smoothie mixes using a variety of ingredients from the smoothie station.

Specialist bulk bin suppliers, such as the nation-wide Bin Inn stores, encourage customers to bring their own reusable containers. By contrast, CareFillery uses paper bags certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and Pollastic plastic bags. These, according to CareFillery, are made from 70% ocean-bound plastics, collected on beaches, shorelines and waterways in the world’s poorest and most-polluted coastal regions. Pollastic pays collectors a fair wage, helping lift their communities out of poverty and plastic out of our oceans. Bags can be reused by customers or recycled through New World store’s Soft Plastics Recycling scheme.

Rolling out in New World stores across the North Island, the new CareFillery Hubs are intended to meet the changing needs of today’s more health and environmentally conscious New Zealanders. “People are thinking differently, eating differently so it makes sense that we need to offer a different way for them to shop,” says Category Manager Grocery, Foodstuffs North Island Sally Williams.

The changes are in response to recent research*carried out for Foodstuffs North Island which showed that 69% of Kiwis are looking to reduce how much food they waste and 67% agree that they want to reduce their packaging waste.“Our research also showed that our customers want to be more sustainable while grocery shopping, but are unsure about how to incorporate more eco-friendly changes into our normal shop- besides bringing a reusable bag”, says Williams.

“We knew it was the right time to look at bringing innovation and creativity to a part of the supermarket that offers the great value and environmentally conscious choices that we know our customers are looking for. The CareFillery builds on the basics of what self-selection is all about – getting exactly what you want and need, which means less food waste and less packaging and great value. … Our CareFillery is a great effortless way to incorporate sustainable habits into their everyday lives.”

Customers at New World Pukekohe and New World New Plymouth are the first to experience the new CareFillery, before it rolls out to all New World stores in the North Island in the coming months.


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