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Eco Entertaining

Don’t have a big enough table? Upcycle a pallet. It then makes great kindling for the fire or BBQ (if untreated of course!) or scour

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Planning that Special Day

Wed in Waikato is a curated group of wedding professionals based in the Waikato with a dual purpose—to help ease the stress for couples planning

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Clean and Green

Words: Vicki Ravlich-Horan | Photography: Ashlee deCaires The bathroom flies under the radar where plastic waste is concerned, yet after the kitchen it is possibly

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With summer just around the corner, Hamilton Gardens’ gardener Geoff Herbert has been hard at work preparing the soil and planting seedlings. The qualified gardener


Why diets fail

January is the time of year when people are often tempted to follow those crazy, unrealistic diets which are all over the media at every

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Why Your Gut is the Key to Your Health

Do you have IBS type symptoms and suffer from fatigue and exhaustion? Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, low mood? Then read on… Having a healthy