Kiwi Avocado Oil Company Wins Internationally Acclaimed Award

by | Aug 12, 2021 | News

Te Puna-based avocado oil producer, Grove, has been granted the Superior Taste Award with two stars for its Extra Virgin Avocado Oil by the prestigious International Taste Institute in Brussels, Belgium.

“The Grove team is thrilled to have our premium avocado oil recognised by such a renowned Institute. Being awarded with two stars means our oil has been judged as ‘remarkable’, scoring between 80 and 90 percent,” explains Greg Ryan, Grove’s Business Development Manager.

“To some extent, taste is subjective – but to have hundreds of high-level chefs, many with Michelin stars to their names, tasting our oil and agreeing that it has a superior flavour profile really helps to cement Grove as being a top avocado oil producer, globally.”

The team at Grove strive to deliver the highest quality avocado oil and for food lovers to reap the health-giving benefits of Haas avocados, grown in the nutrient rich volcanic soil of the Bay of Plenty.

Grove’s world-class production process ensures that the cold-pressed extra virgin oil extracted reaches the table at its purest. The delicate aroma, colour and distinct flavour cocoons the abundance of well-being benefits found in this nutrient-dense oil.


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