About Us

Tash McGill

Tash is an award-winning  strategist and writer, specialising in the intersection of hospitality, food & beverage, tourism and technology. President of the NZ Guild of Foodwriters and Chair of the New Zealand Whisky Association, Tash brings over 15 years of experience in content, broadcast radio and journalism to the team.

Vincent Heeringa

Vincent is an award-winning  publisher and journalist. He is the  co-founder of Unlimited, Idealog,  Good, Toast by Liquorland,  Stoppress and This Climate  Business podcast.

Vicki Ravlich-Horan

Vicki is the founder and editor of  Nourish magazine. She’s a  passionate advocate for the  culinary delights of the Waikato  and BOP region. Vicki brings more  than 20 years’ experience in the  hospitality industry to the table.

Want to join the team?

We welcome submissions from contributors of all sorts. We also welcome potential partners who see the same exciting future of food we do. 
Email us at hello@thefeed.co.nz