My Food Bag chefs’ unveil their kitchen secrets with new My Food Bag Kitchen range

by | Aug 12, 2021 | News

My Food Bag Kitchen is a new range of 20+ delicious and hard-to-find New Zealand products and recipes, and will build to around 75 products within the next few months.

The range will cover pantry staples, go-to baking mixes, delicious dessert kits, healthy breakfasts and sides, as well as gourmet local cheeses, meats and ready-made meals. My Food Bag’s very own sauces and spices will soon be available for one-off purchase as well.

My Food Bag CEO, Kevin Bowler, says “Our customers have long been asking for us to reveal our chefs’ favourite ingredients and
recipes. Whether you want to finish off your meal with a delicious dessert, try some healthy breakfast options, or add some par-baked breads to your order, we’ve now got you covered.

“This is our first significant step outside of weeknight meals and signals our move beyond ‘What’s for dinner?’ towards providing more delicious food solutions for our customers across more meal occasions.

The My Food Bag Kitchen range has been developed by and thoroughly tested by My Food Bag chefs and guided by Nadia Lim’s Nude Food philosophy. The range will include My Food Bag and Fresh Start branded products and recipes, as well
as boutique local brands such as Culley’s Hot Sauces and House of Dumplings Chilli Oil.

My Food Bag Kitchen is currently available to all My Choice customers and will be rolled out to other customers in the coming months.

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