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Blue Royal: Aotearoa’s biggest, tastiest blueberry set to reign the summer fruit market

Summer entertaining just got juicier with the launch of Blue Royal, a new premium brand offering high quality super-sized and super-tasty locally grown blueberries to New Zealanders for the first time. Sourced from the world-renowned Mountain Blue Orchards in Australia, Blue Royal blueberries have been cultivated to produce berries which grow bigger, have more flavour, are firmer and stay fresher for longer compared to other varieties.

Previously known as Eureka, the Blue Royal brand has been designed to delight consumers and deliver sustainable value to customers and growers. 

Blue Royal Global Marketing Manager, Mel Auld, says the new berries are the result of decades of innovation and market research to create a blueberry that stands out from other varieties. 

“You’ll be able to discern a Blue Royal from other blueberries instantly. Each berry is consistently the same large size, plump, and their deep blue colour makes them distinct from the rest,” she says. 

Blue Royal blueberries will arrive in supermarkets in mid-October, just in time for summer. Their flavour profile is the ideal balance of sweet and sour, just what you need for a healthy dessert or cocktail companion. 

“Blue Royals are divine when eaten fresh. They’re just the right size for a healthy afternoon treat or a yummy post-workout snack. They’re also lunchbox-proof; more robust than standard blueberries, they’re perfect for even the most boisterous young Kiwi and stay fresh till lunchtime without getting bruised or squished,” says Mel. 

Shoppers will be able to easily spot the distinctive gold packaging of Blue Royal products in the fresh produce section.  

“We designed our packaging to reflect a sense of both the quality and the everyday luxury of this fresh fruit treat,” says Mel Auld. 

Blue Royal will be the only brand sold in New Zealand of this special king-sized blueberry. Just a handful of orchardists around the country have been individually selected to supply fruit to the brand. 

“Our growers are some of Aotearoa’s most experienced horticulturists with a high level of technical excellence. They are as proud as we are to be a part of the Blue Royal brand.

In addition to the local market, Mel expects the exceptionally high quality of Blue Royal blueberries will lead to greater exports to customers all over the world. 

“We’re aiming to share Blue Royal blueberries with the whole world, and we want families all over the globe to become familiar with this innovative new Kiwi brand,” says Mel.

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