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Little and often: Global Drug Survey 2021 reveals Kiwi drinking habits

Photo by Johnny Vigersten on Unsplash

New Zealand has come in second in the latest Global Drug Survey regarding how regularly they drink.

The survey showed Kiwis drink, on average, 120 days of the year.  This is compared to France drinkers indulging 132 days a year at the top of the scale and the United States at the bottom on 83 days a year.  There were clear gender differences in the responses with Kiwi men averaging 138 days, women 97 days and trans, non-binary and intersex respondents only reporting 73 days a year.

But to balance the scale, New Zealand comes second-to-last with how many of those days they get drunk.  Kiwi drinkers report being drunk 10 days a year on average, just beaten out by Mexico on 8.9 days.  Our friends across the ditch top the charts on drunkenness reporting an average of 26.7 days a year.

The survey defined drunk as ‘having drunk so much that your physical and mental faculties are impaired to the point where your balance / speech was affected, you were unable to focus clearly on things and that your conversation and behaviours were very obviously different to people who know you’.

New Zealand provided over 10% of the respondents for the survey.  Globally 32,022 people responded and 3,377 of them were Kiwis.

You can get a full list of the countries by reading the full report here.

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