Blue Duck Vodka And Eastern Whio Link unite for Whio Awareness Month

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Blue Duck Vodka, the iconic New Zealand vodka brand, is proud to announce its commitment to Whio Awareness Month, taking place throughout March 2024. In collaboration with the Eastern Whio Link conservation programme, Blue Duck Vodka aims to raise awareness about the endangered whio and drive donations for the cause.

Eastern Whio Link is a conservation project between Opotiki and Gisborne focused on restoring whio in this area. Eastern Whio Link volunteers lay traps to kill the stoats and feral cats that are decimating the native fauna, flightless birds, and duck populations of New Zealand. Blue Duck Vodka is dedicated to sustainable practices and proudly supports the Eastern Whio Link’s mission to restore balance to the ecosystem and encourage the return of the region’s whio.

Eastern Whio Link Conservation Success and Whio Population Growth:

Despite last year’s extreme weather conditions, the whio population has thrived, with 23 chicks born during last year’s breeding season, marking an 80% increase since Eastern Whio Link began protecting their habitat.

Sam Gibson, co-founder of the Eastern Whio Link, states, “Over the last four years, we’ve seen a remarkable improvement in the whio’s situation, thanks in part to the support we’ve received from Blue Duck Rare Vodka. Their commitment has been integral to our conservation efforts.”

He adds, “Now my team and I are almost tripping over whio when we’re out fishing and hunting. This is exactly how I remember it as a kid and a massive change from a few years ago when they were in danger of disappearing, with only eight whio in the whole area.”

Eastern Whio Link’s Recent Activities:

The Eastern Whio Link team laid a large 4-kilometre trap line last year, funded by Blue Duck Vodka. Having identified new territories being repopulated by the whio, they wanted to ensure the birds were protected from pests. Their aim is for the whio to breed chicks from this area in the future.

The team is expanding, with new volunteers actively engaging in the conservation efforts to protect the whio. This growth signifies a strengthened commitment to safeguarding New Zealand’s native fauna, flightless birds, and duck populations.

Blue Duck Rare Vodka’s Double the Donation Promotion:

Throughout March, New Zealander’s are encouraged to purchase Blue Duck Vodka, with the promise that the company will double the amount they donate to whio conservation over the month. Each purchase directly contributes to whio conservation activities, making a positive impact on this iconic New Zealand species.

Irmengard Deinlein, co-owner of Blue Duck Vodka, expresses their ongoing dedication, “We’re proud to support Sam and his team in their important work. By participating in the Blue Duck Vodka Double the Donation Promotion, people can join us in contributing to the Whio conservation cause.”

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