Aotearoa’s biggest dinner party, status-boosting sourdoughs, and other ways to donate to cyclone relief

by | Mar 9, 2023 | News

The clean-up continues after cyclone Gabrielle, with the Hawke’s Bay and Tairawhiti regions the most in need of support. You can read here about the dilemmas faced by hospitality and tourism operators in the Hawke’s Bay and here for a first-hand account from wine writer and friend of The Feed Yvonne Lorkin.

If you are lucky enough to be in a region that went unscathed by Gabrielle and have a few extra dollars jangling conspicuously in your pocket, then you might like to send some money the way of one of these excellent fundraisers.

Hawkes Bay Wine are collecting money to help all the Bay growers and makers who lost vines and vintages to the cyclone. You can donate here to make sure all your favourite Bordeaux blends and Chardonnays are getting back in the bottle asap.

Superstar chef and restauranteur Al Brown is putting together a big old slap-up meal for the whole country to enjoy. Brown is encouraging restaurants and cafes across the country to put together a two course comfort food menu for a set price of $69, with $46 from every sale going directly to the Mayoral Relief Funds. The event will be happening on Monday 20th of March. Find a participating venue or get your favourite local to get involved.

Not that Al Brown

If you’re lucky enough to live in our unscathed-by-wind capital, here’s a list of local events and causes you might like to attend or contribute towards.

If farmers are your thing then Federated Farmers will be holding out their solid gold hats and asking for money.

Countdown are collecting and donating dosh and food in stores in Australia and here in Aotearoa. Look how nice they are please don’t break up our duopoly we love you so. Fellow price gougers Foodstuffs may be doing something but are being uncharacteristically quiet about it.

Finally, food stylist and all-conquering polymath Fiona Hugues is baking big loaves of sour dough and flogging them for $40 and donating all of it to relief funds. Take one round to a boomer’s house and let them explain to you why you can’t afford a house. You can track down one of Fiona’s rustic loaves by watching her Instagram for drop off locations and pouncing like a carb-loving panther.


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