Blue Duck Rare Vodka gets top international spirits golden gong  

by | Apr 14, 2022 | News

Sustainable New Zealand spirit brand, Blue Duck Rare Vodka, has been given one of the highest accolades at International Spirits Challenge 2022, winning Gold in the vodka category. It’s the first time in 14 years a New Zealand vodka has received this top award, the previous Kiwi winner was 42 Below in 2008. 

The judges commented that the vodka has a “hint of creme caramel and butterscotch” with a “Nice and light creamy note throughout” and that the nose is “very clean, slightly zesty and peppery’ with a “herbal palate” and the “finish is warm and long-lasting”.

Blue Duck Rare Vodka is named after the Whio (blue duck), and the brand is committed to supporting the conservation of its namesake. By purchasing Blue Duck Rare Vodka patrons will contribute to helping protect New Zealand’s wildlife and wild places with a donation from the company to support the conservation of the Whio.

Blue Duck Rare Vodka is handcrafted and distilled in small batches at the distillery in the hills above Tauranga, in the Bay of Plenty. The handcrafted vodka is organic, natural, gluten free and GE free. It contains no additives, preservatives, sugars, or softeners and is distilled seven times to create the purest and smoothest vodka possible.

Originally from Germany, the Deinlein family has drawn on tradition and passion when building their craft distillery. The distillation process uses a 100 percent pure New Zealand natural whey spirit distillate, a sustainable and renewable by-product of the dairy industry.

Sustainability is integral to the Blue Duck Rare Vodka ethos. The company’s carbon footprint is minimised with electricity sourced from hydroelectric plants. The distillery has also reduced water usage and landfill waste. Product packaging is sourced from renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials and uses water-based organic ink. Responsible sourcing is also crucial to creating a product that strives to be both sustainable and ethical.


“We’re delighted to win Gold at the International Spirits Challenge for our vodka. Recognition of the time, dedication, and artistry required to produce a world-class spirit means so much coming from the most highly regarded global spirit competition,” says co-owner Irmengard Deinlein.

 “It’s wonderful to see Blue Duck take flight on an international stage. Blue Duck Rare Vodka depends on the purity of the water we use for its production and the Whio is a beacon from mother nature indicating a river’s health. If they are present the water is considered pristine. We’re pleased the growing success of Blue Duck Rare Vodka can continue to help protect the blue duck and its environment.”


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