Boozy kombucha recalled

by | Dec 8, 2022 | News

New Zealand Food Safety (NZFS) is supporting Daily Organics in its recall of kombucha due to higher-than-permitted alcohol levels.

“The issue with Daily Organics kombucha is that it was found to have levels of alcohol content higher than permitted,” said NZFS deputy director-general Vincent Arbuckle.

“Kombucha not formulated and sold as alcoholic. Kombucha should contain less than 1.15% alcohol. Alcohol is naturally present in low amounts due to the fermentation process required to make kombucha. NZFS testing showed levels ranging between 2.9% and 3.29%, making a 200ml bottle the equivalent of half a standard drink. To ensure consumers have correct information, Daily Organics are informing their customers of this issue.”

Consumers concerned with the alcohol content should not consume this product.

If customers choose not to consume the affected product, it can be returned to the place of purchase for a refund. The products have been removed from shelves in all retailers.

“As some kombucha is live – such as in the case of the Daily Organics products – it is possible it can keep fermenting in the bottle if not refrigerated, producing more alcohol. We remind consumers to pay close attention to the directions for use, and to keep live kombucha chilled to below 4 degrees Celsius,” Mr Arbuckle said.

All batches and all dates of the below products are affected by this recall:

  • Daily Organics Kombucha Original (200ml and 1L)
  • Daily Organics Kombucha Chai and Spices (200ml and 1L)
  • Daily Organics Kombucha Lemon and Ginger (200ml and 1 L)

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