Review: Visceral chef drama, The Bear, makes for compelling viewing

by | Sep 8, 2022 | News

The Bear is a great new Chicago TV show

A young chef from the fine dining world returns to Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop. What happens next is a fast-talking, fast-paced comedy drama with anxiety-inducing storylines and self-sabotaging characters interspersed with gorgeous shots of food. Stressful but fairly essential viewing.

You might want to watch the trailer, and read the following review: Brilliant chef dramedy ‘The Bear’ turns kitchen chaos into one of 2022’s best new TV shows, says a local review.

A new series about a chef who returns home to save his brother’s greasy spoon is one of the few to ever get the city right, says a critic from over there.

And then like Aisha Joshi you might want to try some of the dishes that feature  in the show.

Joshi writes: One of the dishes that holds a lot of meaning in the show is pasta pomodoro:  I Tried the Pasta Pomodoro from The Bear and Have Some Thoughts

How to Make Pasta Pomodoro from The Bear /


The Bear can be streamed via Disney+.

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