Everybird ticks all the boxes, says international design expert

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Everybird, the new coffee from Mike Murphy and the trail-blazing Organic Coffee Roasters Kōkako, is earning high praise both here and overseas, and not just for what’s in the package.

Everybird ticks all the boxes, says Richard Baird of the international design blog BP&O. With one of the longest running design blogs offering a view on the very best in branding, Baird is fulsome in his praise for the look, feel and integrity of this new Kiwi coffee brand offering.



Brand integrity is a fundamental base from which to start. Bard says: “It’s Fairtrade and organic. The coffee is climate neutral and the packaging is home-compostable. If you can afford it, you can enjoy your morning brew without the weight of the world on your shoulders. But the brand goes further, positioning purchase as a form of ‘consumer activism’: to buy Everybird furthers an ideal, to have it on your kitchen counter expresses that.”

Attention to many small but important details across the product’s packaging and media communications contributes to make Everybird the accessible younger sibling of its more serious parent brand Kōkako.

Points of praise include the illustrations on the pack, which are are well-realised with fine lines and colour blocking, and elements of both abstraction and detail. The brand’s theme of diversity is continued with decent variation across packaging, newsprint and social media. The wording on the landing page manages to avoid being too esoteric but is invitational, satisfyingly rhyming and includes clever double meanings.



Read more of the branding review and more of  Everybird’s own origin story here.

For over a decade BP&O has offered a distinctive point of view on brand identity design and packaging, carving out a space alongside legacy publishers. Founded by designer and writer Richard Baird, BP&O aims to fuse aspects of a personal blog with the journalistic standards of established publications.




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