First NZ food brand to publish its climate footprint on packaging

by | Jun 11, 2024 | News

All Good is all set to become the first New Zealand brand to publish its climate footprint on its packaging with  CarbonCloud.

The well-known Kiwi oat milk and Fairtrade banana brand will be fully transparent about its products’ footprint  for New Zealand consumers by prinKng its independently assessed climate footprint value on its new packaging  from this year.

All Good general manager, Faye MacGregor, says this is yet another key step of conKnuous improvement in our  business’s ‘act local’ sustainability strategy.

“We know Kiwis are concerned about climate change and we believe that all businesses should be accounKng  for impacts, so publishing our plant-based foods’ climate footprint is the best way to be transparent about the  impact of the choices we make.”

A recent and massive contributor to All Good’s shrinking footprint is the launch of a new Auckland producKon  facility this month that produces oat milk from locally grown South Island oats from Harraways. This means All  Good oat milk no longer needs to be shipped from Sweden to New Zealand. Previously, All Good made and  shipped premium oat milk from Sweden with 100% of the transportaKon carbon offset with EKOS NZ naKve  forest credits.

The climate footprint of Good Oat Barista is now just 0.48kg CO2e/kg – a yield calculated by CarbonCloud, an  internaKonal business that helps businesses assess the footprint of their food products.

“We are really proud to say that the climate footprint of our New Zealand made Good Oat Barista is now  significantly reduced and, that we’re also the first New Zealand brand to be assessed by CarbonCloud,” says  MacGregor.

“We’re making the choice to shi_ to plant-based foods easy for New Zealanders by making delicious products  that are a be`er choice for the planet. The new producKon facility means we’re using cleaner energy given NZ  electricity is 85% renewable, we use Tetra cartons not plasKc, and we choose Kiwi oats and local ingredients  where available. All of these li`le things make a big difference to the total carbon emissions of our oat milk,  especially when compared to NZ dairy milk.”

The first batch of New Zealand made and grown All Good Barista oat milk will be available in local cafes and  supermarket shelves from July.

All Good will also have the climate footprint for its All Good Fairtrade Bananas alongside their All Good oat milk – the climate footprints will be added to packaging throughout 2024. 

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