Hawke’s Bay announced as ‘Great Wine Capital’ of the world

by | May 25, 2023 | News

Hawke’s Bay was today named a Great Wine Capital of the world, setting it alongside eleven other  prestigious wine regions such as Bordeaux (France), Napa Valley (USA), Bilbao (Spain) and Adelaide  (Australia).

Admission to the Great Wine Capitals programme, as the 12th Capital worldwide, comes after a stringent  selection process that looks at a region’s winegrowing industry, its history, its wine tourism, educational  opportunities, business, and travel, as well as the cities and region itself.

In announcing the news, Hawke’s Bay Tourism CEO, Hamish Saxton said the significance of being named  a Great Wine Capital of the world is a remarkable milestone for the region.

“Hawke’s Bay’s inclusion as one of just 12 Great Wine Capitals of the world is of regional and national  significance. It is recognition that Hawke’s Bay wines are among the world’s best, and that our nation’s  wine growing industry, while still young, offers quality to rival the world’s oldest.

““We have long known that Hawke’s Bay, as New Zealand’s Food and Wine Country, stood out for its  winemaking. This new achievement gives Hawke’s Bay a unique positioning in New Zealand and the world.  The climate, unique soils and the innovation of so many talented individuals, have come together to  deliver an accolade the region wholeheartedly deserves. It is a true legacy for the region and will continue  to deliver benefits to industry, education, business and tourism for the years to come.

“Becoming a Great Wine Capital will also give a significant boost to the region’s post-cyclone recovery,  particularly with the wine industry already generating an estimated $300 million direct revenue to the  Hawke’s Bay economy and contributing $156m to GDP. The accolade will further increase Hawke’s Bay’s  global recognition and will give it access to additional expertise, resources, and support from the best of  the global wine and tourism industries.”

Jo Collins, President of the Adelaide, South Australia Great Wine Capitals Steering Committee said: “To  be a member of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network requires a Capital to possess something truly  ‘great’. Above average. Excellent in a global context. We are thrilled to welcome Hawke’s Bay and the twin  cities of Napier and Hastings to our esteemed network. The quality of the wines from this region, their  international recognition and unwavering commitment to excellence in grape and wine production,  sustainable tourism and education was evident and saw them unanimously voted in by our existing 11  network members.

“A key strength of the network is that members do not see themselves as competitors, but rather working  together with a spirit of cooperation to support and learn from each other through common challenges  and opportunities. And importantly continuing to lift the bar in terms of the global wine and tourism  offering.

“The arrival of this beautiful region of New Zealand will further enhance the quality and excellence of our  network, and open new areas of co-operation. As the representative of Adelaide, South Australia to the  network, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work together with Hawke’s Bay to seize opportunities  and address challenges within our respective wine sectors. I have personally witnessed the incredible  outcomes that arise from the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences, and I am excited about the  potential for mutual growth and success. Becoming a Great Wine Capital is also welcome recognition for  the people who work in the industry.”

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