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by | Nov 1, 2021 | News

Liberty Brewing Co is known for its trusty good brews and design creds and now two of its best are getting a new look to align with the rest of the line-up.

Oh Brother Pale Ale and Halo Pilsner brews have bucked the trend of the rest of the Liberty range with their glass bottles, but that’s all about to change with the shift to cans as of today. This change demonstrates the company’s commitment to a more sustainable future and ensuring a long-lasting,
better-tasting beverage.

A sealed aluminium can means no light strike affects the beer, keeping the content fresher for longer, it chills quicker than glass and as it’s more compact it requires less shipping space, less waste and is easier to recycle

Halo Pilsner will feature the same design but in can form. While Oh Brother gets a fresh new look inspired by backyard cricket with a bevvy in hand.

If the idea of change scares you, never fear, both varieties will feature the same great taste the brand is renowned for, in the same 330ml size.

Halo is an all-kiwi Pilsner, packing Nelson Hops and a Gladfield malt base. It radiates star power from the pour, Pilsner obsessives can look forward to the heavenly glow of zesty lime citrus and tropical passionfruit balanced on rye-cracker of malts with a hint of caramel sweetness.

Oh Brother is Liberty’s idea of what a street smart pale ale should be. The coolly modulated US hop character of mangoes and passionfruit fused with biscuity malts makes it oh so easy to have one more. And maybe one after that.

Liberty Brewing can designs are a collaboration between two kiwi dudes, Anton Hart and Blair Sayer, and once again – they knocked it out the park.

Halo and Oh Brother cans are available now at all good liquor stores, supermarkets and at libertybrewing.co.nz at $21.99 for a six-pack.

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