Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment gives greenlight to hospo fair pay agreement

by | Jun 1, 2023 | News

Around 160,000 hospitality workers and over 24,000 employers will be covered by a new Hospo Fair pay Agreement that has just been given the green light by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Unite was informed tonight that the Chief Executive has approved it’s application to proceed to the bargaining stage.

Despite applying on the first possible day last December, it has taken until now to get agreement and clarity with MBIE over the coverage.

“It does cover a wide range of business types and occupations so it was always going to be complicated, as well as the challenge of being the first ever Fair Pay Agreement application” said Unite National Secretary John Crocker.

“But we are very excited that we can now get on with the job and deliver some significant improvements for low paid workers who really need help.”

“This Fair Pay Agreement will also help the industry out of it’s staffing crisis. Employers who see the need and are willing to improve pay and conditions to attract and keep good employees won’t be undercut by those wanting to continue the minimum wage, minimum hours and high turnover practices that contribute so much to the current shortages of staff”

The next step is for Unite to begin notifying employer groups, employers and other unions in hospitality so bargaining sides can be formed. Hospitality employers will be required to provide unions involved with contact details of all covered employees so that they can be consulted before and during bargaining.



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