Satisfy Food Rescue and Kairos Food Rescue: Combating hunger across Canterbury through impactful collaboration.

by | Dec 7, 2023 | News

Satisfy Food Rescue and Kairos Food Rescue proudly celebrate three years of successful collaboration in their shared mission to alleviate hunger and reduce waste within the Christchurch and North Canterbury communities.

Since their connection in 2020,  which all began over a mountain of rescued eggs amidst the start of the COVID-19 crisis, these two organisations have worked seamlessly together to rescue surplus food that would have otherwise gone to waste and redistribute it to those in need. Together they are making a significant impact on reducing food insecurity in the Canterbury region.

The partnership between Satisfy and Kairos is unique, and was forged with a common goal: to create a sustainable and efficient solution to address food waste while simultaneously providing nourishment to individuals and families facing hunger. Over the past three years, both organisations have consistently demonstrated their commitment to this shared objective. Both Satisfy and Kairos are proud affiliates of The Aotearoa Food Rescue Alliance (AFRA) – the member body that supports and advocates for the food rescue sector throughout New Zealand.

Together, Satisfy and Kairos have rescued and redistributed an impressive 163 tonnes of surplus food in the last 3 months alone. This accomplishment not only minimizes edible food ending up as landfill or animal feed, but also ensures that nutritious meals reach those who need them the most.  Working together in this way ensures that organisations supporting people in need such as food banks, meals providers and schools, across this vast geographical region are well supported with food.

Satisfy Food Rescue and Kairos Food Rescue have actively engaged with local businesses, farmers, and food producers to strengthen their network of food donors, including regular connection and sharing of excess between their organisations to help bridge the gap between abundance and need. As food hubs they are both supported by the New Zealand Food Network (NZFN) who regularly donate bulk palletised goods for them to distribute to their community. By fostering their relationships, Satisfy and Kairos have created a sustainable ecosystem that supports the wider community in times of need.

Stef Van Meer, Manager at Satisfy Food Rescue said “Our respective communities that we operate in can only thrive when we work together towards one common goal – that of helping feed people in times of need, whilst reducing waste for positive environmental impact. Together we have built this amazing relationship that means we not only share excess food, but also share ideas and best practices to help our organisations thrive”.

Barbi Larkins, Communications and Marketing co-ordinator at Kairos said, “At Kairos, our partnerships are invaluable to us. In a world that seems obsessed with competition, the friendship and collaboration we have with Satisfy Food Rescue and other community organisations makes us better at what we do and enables us to do more for the good of our communities. When we work together, everyone wins.”

After a successful three years of impactful collaboration, Satisfy and Kairos are committed to furthering their relationship to build a sustainable legacy where no one in their communities goes hungry. Together they are redefining the narrative on food waste and showing that collaboration stands as a testament to the power of collective action.


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