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As New Zealand prepares to go to the polls, the reputation of the country’s favourite vegetables are at stake in the country’s very first VegElection.

As a democratic nation the time is now to stand up and be heard.  Ticking the box in the vegetable election will determine the country’s favourite and most despised vegetables.

From the nations cherished classics to the vegetables that have been much maligned, New Zealanders will get the opportunity to have their say and finally put it on record.  Will tomatoes claim the crown or will Brussel sprouts clinch an unlikely victory?  Is kale a new age superfood or just cow castoffs?

Fiona Arthur from Yates says as everyone gears up for the national election – and the all-important inaugural VegElection – Kiwi gardeners are prepping, mulching and weeding to get gardens ready for the summer vegie crops.

“We’re hoping people can park the political discourse for a moment and think potatoes, peas and parsnips.  Love them or hate them, vegetables are crucial to a healthy diet and with such a huge range of colours, flavours and textures, every vegetable has its moment in the sun.  You can’t tell me you don’t like vegies.”

While generations of children have been traumatised by silverbeet or Brussel sprouts, it hasn’t put them off.  Consumption of vegetables is increasing as people look to their diet to improve health and wellbeing.

However, a study carried out by Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, Auckland University of Technology, reveals that while New Zealand produces more than enough vegetables to meet the five-plus-a-day recommended nutritional guidelines, we are still not eating enough.  Men are consuming fewer vegetables than women and those living in higher deprivation areas also eat fewer vegetables.

The outcome of the VegElection will be decided by New Zealanders and the winners and losers of the vegie vote will be announced on 11 October in the lead up to National Gardening Week.

Be a part of history and let your taste buds be heard.  Voting closes 30 September 2023.  Cast your vote at  Everyone who votes goes into the draw to win one of three $500 National Gardening Week hampers containing Kiwis’ favourite vegie seeds and everything to kick start a bountiful summer garden.

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