We Need You! Waikato Food Inc launches campaign to get people vaccinated

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The hospitality industry has been hit hard by Covid 19 and the government will only stop lockdowns  when over 90% of the New Zealand population is vaccinated.

The Waikato Food Inc board wants to do all it can to help the industry and believes one of the best ways to do that is to help increase the vaccination rate in the region. It is therefore running the campaign – SHOT Waikato!

They’re encouraging eateries around the Waikato to send them a shot of their team who have all had the shot amd asking Waikato foodies to send them their shots of them having had the shot.  To encourage people to get their shot and share it, they have a great line up of spot prizes including restaurant vouchers, chocolate, beer and more.

The Waikato currently lags behind the national average for both people having had both doses and those having only had one!

Those aged between 12-44 are the least vaccinated group and it is this age group that is most likely to be working in the hospitality sector.

In the most recent Ministry of Health survey, 44% of respondents who will ‘definitely not’ get a vaccine say they don’t see the need.  Waikato Food Inc want to highlight the need for them to get vaccinated.

Gus Tissink from Bidfresh Hamilton says that vaccines are the key to getting hospitality back on its feet. “Hospitality is about the people in those businesses and the gathering of people to be social.  By virtue COVID is anti social making the hospitality industry one of the most vulnerable.”

Local brewers, Good George have released a beer on the topic with the goal for it to be a “conversation starter to encourage those who are on the fence (or on the couch) to get vaccinated” says Dan from Good George.  “We’re brewers, not vaccine experts. But we’ve listened to the experts and the evidence is clear,”

“Lockdowns are devastating for us all in the hospitality industry and they are an unwanted reality until we reach a higher level of vaccination, so we brewed this beer to shine a light on that and put a stake in the ground,” he added.

People are encouraged to post their vaccine pics on social and tag in @waikatofoodinc #shotwaikato

To get involved with Waikato Food Inc or to find out more about what they do go to waikatofoodinc.com or email info@waikatofoodinc.com

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