Winners announced for the NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Awards 2023

by | Aug 25, 2023 | News

From humble Hokey Pokey to Dill & Mustard Ice Cream, the NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Awards 2023 has revealed an exciting range of medal-winning delights after a thorough tasting of more than 270 entries from makers from across Aotearoa.

An esteemed panel of 20 food judges led by Chief Judge Jackie Matthews had the arduous task of evaluating each entry with meticulous attention to detail over two days in late July. After careful deliberation, a remarkable 183 medals were awarded; among these, an impressive 64 Gold Medals, 74Silver Medals, and 45 Bronze Medals were bestowed upon the finest Kiwi-made ice cream and gelato creations.

Jackie Matthews made special mention of the high standard of entries in 2023, noting flavour trends were an evolution on those observed last year.

“Gelato producers are showing real capability with some superb entries – they really have ‘nailed it’ with the technical aspects of gelato-making; body, texture, mouthfeel and flavour with the result being afabulous eating experience!”

Each year the Awards include an ‘Open Creative Category’ to encourage makers to innovate, with Jackie noting this year’s entries were exciting. “It was fabulous to be pushing the boundaries of flavour and having fun with it. There was a nod to reducing food waste with kumara and avocado otherwise destined for landfill; as well as flavour-filled and well-made entries playing with and combining flavour such as chilli, chocolate, custard and cinnamon,” Jackie said. While these entries aren’t on sale two notable Invita NZ Open Creative winners are; Sesame Make Miso Happy by Tip Top Ice Cream Company received a Gold Medal and Sensient Technologies, Dill & Mustard Ice Cream was awarded a Silver Medal.

Medal winners are a roll call of New Zealand’s finest makers from Tip Top Ice Cream Company, Much Moore Ice Cream Co and New Zealand Creameries to boutique makers like Patagonia Chocolates from Queenstown, Appleby Farms in Nelson and Island Gelato Co in Auckland. Tip Top was awarded 14 Gold Medals and five Silver Medals for treats Kiwis know and love such as Tip Top Frozen Yoghurt and Tip Top Chocolate Trumpet as well as for newer flavour combos like; Tip Top Rocky Road and Kāpiti Affogato.

Much Moore Ice Cream Co received a haul of 24 medals and New Zealand Creameries, 20 medals. More unusual flavours to receive recognition include Gold Medals to Cuisinang Capampangan, Gian’s Calamansi & Manuka Honey Sorbet and Silver Medals for; Ginelli’s, Turmeric Mango Sunrise; Island Gelato Co, Basil & Lime; New Zealand Creameries Deep South, Deep South Smores; Patagonia Chocolates, Orange & Basil Sorbet; and Ginelli’s, Ube.

This year’s NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Awards highlight incredible talent and innovation within New Zealand’s ice cream and gelato industry. The competition is a showcase of dazzling flavours, textures, and styles, each demonstrating the dedication and passion of the makers behind these frozen treats

From classic favourites to daring and inventive combinations, the medal winners set the standard for excellence in the New Zealand ice cream and gelato industry. The top Gold Medal winners are eligible to win Category Champion awards with 2023 Trophy Winners being announced at the NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Awards Gala Cocktail Party in Auckland on Thursday.

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