Who feeds the fish that feed the world? Ask Damian Moran

Fish farming is all very well – but who feeds the fish that feed the world? Sourcing and distributing fishmeal is one of the biggest challenges for the growing aquaculture industry. Fishmeal depends on wild-caught fish, potentially depleting stocks, and is the largest contributor to the industry’s GHG emissions. Plant and Food’s Damian Moran is […]

Farming the fishes for the dishes: how sustainable is aquaculture?

In part 3 of a whistle-stop tour through sustainable seafood, Vincent stops to check in on the fish farmers This winter I broke my rule. I’ve been on an eat-no-seafood stance as a tiny protest against overfishing and, you know, all that ocean stuff. Brave? Pointless?  I feel like the proverbial ‘old man shaking fist […]