Taste test: NZ oat milks. Which one makes the best flat white?

With so many oat milks on the market, the plant-curious coffee drinker is spoiled for choice. But which oat milk should you choose, especially for that all-important moment of the day: the first coffee. We put four New Zealand-originated oat milks through their paces, using a trained barista, on a classic espresso machine, and five […]

Get oat side: Morgan Maw, Boring Oat Milk

New Zealand grows great oats and makes excellent oat milk – in Sweden. That’s right. It’s grown in New Zealand and then shipped to Sweden where it’s processed and returned to our shores to be bottled and sold. That hardly seems the sustainable alternative we all hoped for. But the madness of that scenario is […]

From crop to cup with Excelso coffee

Dubbed the elixir of life, coffee—the undeniably beloved brew is far more than just a dark caffeinated liquid. Excelso founders Carrie and Jeff are committed to helping people drink the best coffee and to understand the intense process that is involved in every cup. Roasting in Tauranga since the early 1990s, they supply cafes, wholesalers […]