The Govt Stranglehold on our Food Industry and Future

The bubble was always going to burst. It began as we were squeezed into big-box grocery stores to fill our pantries and fridges during the first lockdown. It continued as questions were raised about the security of our food supply chain. It escalated in this longest lockdown yet, when small hospitality businesses and suppliers are […]

Hospo industry asks New Zealanders to show better table manners

With the hospitality industry hobbled by the prolonged shutdowns, Kiwis are being encouraged to support their favourite venues with better table manners. Restaurant no-shows have escalated since pre-COVID – a trend that could destroy some restaurants and bars when operating under restrictions. What may just be a simple oversight for many, costs venues hundreds of thousands of dollars a […]

We Need You! Waikato Food Inc launches campaign to get people vaccinated

The hospitality industry has been hit hard by Covid 19 and the government will only stop lockdowns  when over 90% of the New Zealand population is vaccinated. The Waikato Food Inc board wants to do all it can to help the industry and believes one of the best ways to do that is to help […]

‘Help for Hospo’ initiative targets workers in need

A new initiative called ‘Help for Hospo’ will provide direct and additional support to hospitality workers who need immediate financial help, beyond the wage subsidy or other means. The initiative will distribute donated funds to those who work within the industry and need extra support to make ends meet.  The fund was created by Blair […]