Do have a cow, man! Urban Kiwis view primary industries more favourably

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New Zealanders have an increasingly favourable attitude towards the primary industries, according to a recent Primary Purpose online survey.

The main reason for this, as expressed by 32 per cent of respondents, was the belief that farmers are critical to the economic wellbeing of New Zealand in providing jobs and exports.

The second most cited reason (25 per cent) was the essential role farmers play in providing New Zealanders with quality, safe and locally produced food.

Two thirds (67 per cent) of New Zealanders declared a positive view of the horticulture industry as opposed to only 4 per cent who viewed it negatively.

Most New Zealanders also view pastoral farmers favourably. Fifty-eight per cent (down 5 per cent) of New Zealanders have a positive view of sheep and beef farming as opposed to only 13 per cent with a negative view.

A similar percentage (55 per cent) viewed dairy farming positively compared to only 16 per cent who viewed it negatively.

“We believe this data provides a positive contribution to the discussion about the urban-rural divide, especially as it shows the majority of New Zealanders have a positive view of our food and fibre industries,” research and insight lead at Primary Purpose, Marc Elliott said.

Original story published on NZ Herald.

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