How to avoid takeaway coffee cups

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Sustainability

Who doesn’t love a barista made coffee…??? And New Zealand is home to some of the best. But our love for a cup of the good stuff creates huge amounts of single use waste that ends up in landfill. Even those cups that say they are compostable or recycleable rarely are…..

FACT: 500 billion disposable takeaway coffee cups are produced globally each year, and it is estimated that nearly 300 million of these cups are thrown away in New Zealand.

What Can I Do….???

If you’re a creature of habit and grab a coffee on on most days, bringing your own reusable coffee cup should be a no brainer. Keep one in your car or your work bag so it’s always with you.

Do you enjoy a cup of joe on your way to work..?? Maybe you have another one at your desk later..?? If this is you, you could save up to 500 (yes….FIVE HUNDRED) takeaway coffee cups from landfill each year, simply by using your own reusable cup.

If you’re like me and rarely get a coffee whilst out and about so don’t carry a cup all the time, take the opportunity to sit and enjoy it in the cafe. In a proper cup.

Lots of cafes also have Borrow and Bring Back schemes too. Simply borrow a proper mug or cup to use and bring it back when you’re done. The coffee cart at our local Farmer’s Market does this and it’s perfect for people like me!!

Go the Extra Mile

There are lots of resources out there to point you in the direction of ‘BYO’ friendly cafes. Be sure to check out our friends at who have an awesome directory of cafes – see if your local is in there…!!

If your local isn’t on there or doesn’t actively encourage BYO, have a quiet word in their ear and suggest they get on board. This will be the new normal for sure and they will be left behind if they aren’t moving with the times.

You can help spread the word amongst your friends too!! Reusable cups come in all shapes and sizes, and these ones from CuppaCoffeeCup feature some amazing New Zealand art work. Next time you are stuck for a gift idea… how about a reusable coffee cup….????

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Tash McGill

Tash McGill works as a strategy consultant in tourism, hospitality and digital transformation. She is co-founder of The Feed, President of Food Writers NZ, Chair of the New Zealand Whisky Association.

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