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Wed in Waikato is a curated group of wedding professionals based in the Waikato with a dual purpose—to help ease the stress for couples planning their special day and to network with their industry peers passionate about weddings to ensure we have the best there is here in the Waikato. Who better to ask for their top tips and advice when planning your big day?

Abbey from Love Club Hire, who hire a range of custom furniture for weddings and events, says, “Weddings get expensive really quick, so draw up a budget and prioritise what’s essential to you—this will really help narrow things down when you are picking the right vendors to work with.” Abbey also recommends “keeping a notepad by your bed. Jot down things you remember when you are trying to sleep. Then deal with them the next day.”

Photographer Ruth Gilmour suggests you stalk your photographer. “It’s really important to choose someone you like because you’re going to spend your whole wedding day with them. In fact,” Ruth says, “I often spend more time with the bride than the groom does!”

Kate from Ryan’s Daughter Photography advises you “choose your vendors wisely and then trust them to do what they do best”. Kate agrees with Ruth, pointing out “your photographer will be with you for a big portion of your wedding day and during some of the most intimate moments. You need to make sure you feel comfortable around them and confident that they will do their best for you”.

Celebrant Kylie McKay believes having a great relationship with your celebrant is also key.  “A celebrant will ask you lots of questions to get to know you, so make sure you give them the good stuff! Try and be open with them, even though most of the time you would have only met them once or twice. They will work their magic with your ceremony content and your guests will be left wondering if you’re longtime friends. That is the ultimate goal!”

Kylie points out planning ahead for your celebrations is also key: “If you’re having a summer wedding, the height of the wedding season, make sure you book your celebrant as soon as you’ve got a date. Most celebrants only do one wedding a day and dates (particularly Saturdays) in February and March book out so far in advance.”

Being well prepared is make-up artist Abbie Hartland’s advice too. Abbie says, “Great lighting is just as important for your photographer as it is for your make-up artist,” and you should consider this when choosing where to get ready. “On the morning of your wedding day,” Abbie says, “you really want your preparation space to be calm, full of natural light, uncluttered and large enough to accommodate your bridal party, artist/stylists, photographer/videographer and the extra people that come and go as part of this busy morning.”

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