Jason Momoa wants to have A Bloody Momoa with you!

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Drinks, News

Jason Momoa wants you to make him a cocktail – but not just any cocktail, a Bloody Momoa. Then he plans on drinking it with you, whether you’re a home bartender or working in the trade. Bloody Mary lovers rejoice, this is the competition you’ve been waiting for! In fact, cocktail lovers and home mixologists – it’s about time someone gave you a chance to find recognition and appreciation for your home cocktail creations! 

It turns out – Jason Momoa is just that someone! The Bloody Momoa is a cocktail competition that anyone can enter – so long as you’re of legal drinking age in New Zealand. If you fancy meeting Jason Momoa when he returns to NZ, it’s time to get cracking on your Bloody Mary creations.

Using Meili Vodka, you can create any combination of ingredients to make New Zealand’s best Bloody Momoa. Tash McGill tried this grain-based vodka from Montana just a little while ago and thought the texture, flavour and mouthfeel are perfectly suited to the Bloody Mary, with lots of options for unique Momoa twists.

Post a photo of your homemade Bloody Momoa with your bottle of Meili Vodka on Instagram, tag @thebloodymomoa, and our judges will choose the winner based on the most creative and inspired presentation. The Bloody Momoa competition winner will receive a Meili prize pack, a year’s supply of Alderson’s pickles and they will meet Jason Momoa when he returns to NZ and enjoy a Bloody Momoa with him!

The Bloody Momoa creator and Meili Vodka importer, Angie Atkinson, has a message to all the potential winners “If you’re a Bloody Mary lover like me, here’s your chance to show NZ how creative you can be. We can’t wait to taste our way around the NZ on-premise entries and see the public entries on social media for the inaugural The Bloody
Momoa competition”.

The Bloody Momoa launches in November 2023. Bloody Mary fans can look forward to a month of super fun, dynamic, innovative and of course delicious, cocktails featuring Meili Vodka. These will be served at hospitality venues throughout NZ as they battle for the title of the nation’s best Bloody Momoa.

The trade competition is open to all New Zealand bars and eateries with a liquor license, the participants will range from fine dining restaurants, to cocktail bars and cafes and everything in between. The Bloody Momoa must contain Meili Vodka, but everything else is up to the maker’s imagination.

The winning establishment will receive The Bloody Momoa Trophy, a Meili prize pack, and a year’s supply of Alderson’s pickles along with extensive social media coverage. 

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Tash McGill works as a strategy consultant in tourism, hospitality and digital transformation. She is co-founder of The Feed, President of Food Writers NZ, Chair of the New Zealand Whisky Association.

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