Scapegrace Distilling Co. Offer ‘The Best Job In The World’

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The best whisky distilling job in the world is up for grabs

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Scapegrace Distilling Co has begun an international search to recruit for an exciting new role which it’s calling ‘the best job in the world’.

Scapegrace’s state of the art new distillery takes shape in their ‘spiritual home’ alongside Lake Dunstan. Image supplied.

The role is for an Assistant Distillery Manager and Master Blender, working alongside their current Master Distiller, Antony Lawry.

Scapegrace Distilling Co. is a definitive business in the New Zealand spirits landscape — using remarkable brand and marketing ability to launch premium products into global markets at pace. The Feed co-founder Tash McGill says ‘I’ve always respected the integrity with which they release their premium and craft-distilled RTD range and the punkish revival of the original brand ‘Rogue Society’ when restraints allowed. They have a bold characteristic in their business operations and storytelling. They also have the knack for collecting some of the most talented architects of flavour and producers with integrity in the marketplace aka Mikey Ball. They work with some of the best distributors in the local market too. Consequently, the development and management of their whisky range will become a defining role in the New Zealand whisky story at home and on the world stage. Even in a world full of new world whisky — this is an opportunity to pioneer and shape the future.’

The size and scale of the distillery will provide rigour and intensity to meet growing demand, alongside what I expect will be an ongoing pursuit of innovation and creativity if the gin range is anything to go by. Their pursuit of candidates from locally and abroad with a specific and complementary skillset to Lawry is sharp — opening the opportunity for international palate and experience in blending at volume to bring additional credibility and wisdom to the crucial next stages of development. McLaughlin and Neal, are smart and devoted to the cause, having moved both their families to the surrounding area to pursue the dream and shape the business in its new home.

What Scapegrace Says:
The position will be based at the brand-new NZ $30 million dollar Scapegrace Distillery, set to open in May on the shores of the beautiful Lake Dunstan in Central Otago, New Zealand.

“This is the chance to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and work in a state-of-the-art facility, helping to carve a path globally for New Zealand spirits,” said Scapegrace Co-Founder Daniel McLaughlin.

“During your days at work you’ll be collaborating with the Scapegrace team in a world-leading distillery to create the unique and high-quality blends that we’re known for worldwide.

“On your days off you’ll be skiing in the nearby mountains, boating on the lake and enjoying New Zealand’s world-famous nature. This truly is the best job in the world.”

The position will play a pivotal role in the production of Scapegrace’s portfolio of premium spirits and will be responsible for contributing to the strategic single malt direction for their new world whiskies.

The role involves a combination of technical expertise, sensory evaluation, and creative innovation and will lead the cask, sensory and blending strategy. Scapegrace is open to candidates applying from New Zealand and all over the world, in order to find the best person for the job.

The chosen candidate will need to have five years experience in distilling whisky, and bring equal parts craft and passion to the job.

Interested candidates should apply here with Denholm Associates.

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