Holy Guacamole! Grove Avocado Oil makes acquisition moves

by | Mar 4, 2022 | News

Bay of Plenty-based Grove Avocado Oil, has purchased Fressure Foods from New Zealand food service produce supplier, Fresh Technologies. The product created by the Fressure Foods arm of the business is High Pressure Processing (HPP) treated guacamole.

The acquisition will increase Grove’s product output by utilising part of the avocado which was previously discarded in the avocado oil making process – the flesh.

Grove Avocado Oil General Manager, James Greenlees, explains that the business move is perfectly aligned with Grove’s existing operation.

“Fressure is a great fit, and produces delicious guacamole from our suppliers’ quality New Zealand avocados which will align with our strategy to add value to that raw material.

We believe that kiwis will enjoy a 100% natural product with New Zealand origin option over similar products that are imported from Mexico and Peru,” explains James.

Grove will relocate the new guacamole processing plant from the existing Pukekohe site to Grove’s own Te Puna-based avocado processing facilities over the next six months. New staff will be employed to help run the increased operation, which will mean the company will be in a position to meet all New Zealand food service guacamole demands.

“Thanks to our flavourful, locally-grown avocados, we will be supplying high quality products at a competitive price.

As a team, we’re really excited to enter the guacamole market, and we believe this is a positive step for the New Zealand avocado industry.” says James.

The guacamole will be available in 500 and 200 gram packs, frozen and refrigerated. The frozen shelf life is 18 months and the fresh refrigerated shelf life is six weeks. Grove intends to drive sales through the existing food service and restaurant suppliers throughout New Zealand, as well as retail outlets.

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