Strawbs for breakie: yes and stop judging me

It’s very tempting to eat beautifully ripe strawberries straight out of your hand but wait there’s more! You can also enjoy them cooked and especially with semolina. Yes you can thank me now. Take the time to try some of these simple cooking techniques. Semolina with Roasted Strawberries Milk puddings are my absolute comfort food […]

Too good: two Wayne Good recipes for this Christmas

There is nothing like getting a group of people together, cooking some great food and opening a bottle of wine, or three. If I’m going to have a dinner party, I see this as being a great excuse to set a proper table, with a tablecloth, and proper cloth napkins (how I loathe paper napkins […]

Seared scallops with lemon, garlic and parsley linguine

Serves 2 Scallops are a simple yet impressive dish. Use a very hot, preheated pan and always pat the scallops dry to remove excess moisture – this ensures a crisp, golden crust and a juicy, buttery centre.   125g fresh linguini (or use 90g dried) 1 tbsp olive oil 12 scallops, corals (pink bits) removed […]