New video shows human face of Red Light effect

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Opinion

New Zealand may be world-leading in its Covid management but it’s coming at a cost to the hospitality sector. It’s easy to be glib given that we’re talking about lives saved. But these business people have their businesses and families’ income at stake. In this video, the Hospitality Association video puts a human face on what’s usually reported as statistics, economics and dollars and cents.

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Vincent Heeringa is a communications strategist, writer, marketer and PR expert specialising in tech, investment, and sustainability. He was co-founder of Idealog, Stoppress and Good magazines and helped establish the Science Media Centre. He is the host of a podcast ‘This Climate Business’, co-founder of The, and a trustee of the Adventure Specialties Trust. And there's nothing he loves more than a good story.

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