Oscar and Otto

You don’t have to choose between Oscar and Otto, two hot new additions to Tauranga’s Strand. Otto can be your day time go to while Oscar comes into its own in the evening. The ‘naughty twins’ are the brain children of Catherine MacLoughlin and Hamish Carter, local foodies with a strong pedigree in the Bay […]

Koko Cafe

Koko Cafe neatly mixes old and new in Hamilton’s southend: the new is a stunning Jeremy Shirley mural in the entranceway, a glorious splash of tropical colour to brighten your day, and the old is the building’s original black and white tiled flooring that leads into the spacious interior. In recent times, Koko’s had a […]

Wild About Flavour

In the eye of Rotorua lies a cafe where a passion for hunting, people and flavour come together to support and sustain the diverse village of locals and visitors, seven days a week. Dana and Steven Greer are the heartfelt humans behind Scope, the quirky daytime eatery where fun, deer-inspired décor and delicious food coexist […]