Eco Entertaining

Don’t have a big enough table? Upcycle a pallet. It then makes great kindling for the fire or BBQ (if untreated of course!) or scour Pinterest for great ideas like an upright garden. Dress your table with brown paper Go Eco in Frankton or Xtreme Zero Waste in Raglan often have rolls of it for […]

Planning that Special Day

Wed in Waikato is a curated group of wedding professionals based in the Waikato with a dual purpose—to help ease the stress for couples planning their special day and to network with their industry peers passionate about weddings to ensure we have the best there is here in the Waikato. Who better to ask for […]

Clean and Green

Words: Vicki Ravlich-Horan | Photography: Ashlee deCaires The bathroom flies under the radar where plastic waste is concerned, yet after the kitchen it is possibly the biggest source of waste. Having a look at the contents of your rubbish bin will give you ideas of where you could start making changes. Creating a system in […]


With summer just around the corner, Hamilton Gardens’ gardener Geoff Herbert has been hard at work preparing the soil and planting seedlings. The qualified gardener is in charge of the Kitchen Garden and Sustainable Garden, a site of envy for most home vegetable gardeners. The quarter-acre Kitchen Garden contains six raised square beds, each about […]

Op Shops – A World of Opportunity

Your local op shop offers far more than a way for you to find a bargain or that one of a kind treasure. These play an integral part in diverting unwanted clothing, furniture, and bric a brac from landfills while at the same time raising money, allowing them to continue to support those worthy projects. […]

Why diets fail

January is the time of year when people are often tempted to follow those crazy, unrealistic diets which are all over the media at every turn and are often endorsed by high profile celebrities making them all the more tempting to follow. The diet industry makes millions of pounds and they are banking on your […]

Why Your Gut is the Key to Your Health

Do you have IBS type symptoms and suffer from fatigue and exhaustion? Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, low mood? Then read on… Having a healthy gut is one of the keys to feeling happy and healthy. The gut is involved in many functions in the body and some of the most important are: Digestion and […]

7 Ways to Stay Healthy, Energised and Fit this Spring

Hopefully, you are getting through these winter months feeling fit and well. But, this isn’t always the case is it? There are some nasty winter bugs and viruses around and sometimes they can be hard to shift.  When you don’t feel well you realise how important your health is and how it can be all […]

Why Self-Care Is More Important Now Than Ever

Self-care is essential for long term happiness.  It’s about looking after yourself and appreciating you for the person you are. “Taking care of yourself makes your stronger for everyone in your life, including you”, Kelly Rudolph, NLP Practitioner and Life coach.  As we emerge out of lockdown many of us are trying to find a […]

Plastic Free July

The invention of plastic served a pressing environmental problem. Before plastic, ivory, tortoiseshell and other animal products, along with various woods, were used to make everyday products and this was not sustainable. In 1909 Belgium chemist Leo Baekeland created the first entirely synthetic plastic—Bakelite. Lightweight, durable, resistant to heat and non-conductive, it could be moulded […]